What does equine mean?
Equine is from the Latin word, Equus. It is the family name for all horses, donkeys, mules, and zebras. FYI the Greek version of this word is hippo.

What is therapeutic riding?
“Therapeutic riding is an equine-assisted activity for the purpose of contributing positively to the cognitive, physical, emotional and social well-being of individuals with special needs. … A disability does not have to limit a person from riding horses.”  …From the PATH Intl. website.  www.pathintl.org

Do you take insurance?
No, unfortunately, Therapeutic Riding (TR) is not recognized as “medically necessary” so it is not covered by insurance.

What are your qualifications to teach?
Instructor and Owner, Kendra Loring is a PATH certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor and has been since 2014. Kendra has a Bachelor’s of Science in Equine Studies/Riding from Johnson and Wales University.  Kendra has been teaching riding for over 20 years. She also spent 8 years in 4-H as a child learning about horses before attending college.

Is this therapy?
No, Kendra is a riding instructor not a therapist. The horses are the “therapists.” They do all the hard work!

What are the benefits of therapeutic riding (TR)?  
TR has many benefits, both physical and emotional! Benefits can vary for one person to another.  These benefits can include improvements in fine motor skills, improved gross motor skills, increased assertiveness,  improved motor coordination and balance, core strengthening, develop or improve social skills, and positive sensory stimulation. Horses have a natural ability to decrease a human’s blood pressure and cortisol because they are herd animals.

For more information please read the following article. https://www.statelinetack.com/content/horse-care/benefits-of-therapeutic-equine-interaction/

What age do you start lessons at?
We like to start riding lessons around 6-7 years of age depending on the child.

Do you need volunteers?
Yes, always. We have projects that we need help with. Some of those projects include – mucking, picking up rocks, fence mending, trimming trees (sometimes from horseback!), cleaning tack, working horses, and learning how to horse lead (in order to help with lessons).

I am nervous about riding, is that normal?
Yes, most people who are learning how to ride are nervous. That includes adults who rode as a child. We will work at your pace and teach your body how to follow the horse’s movement.

What kind of horses do you have?
We have a horse for everyone here! We have a cute little bouncy pony that all the kids love. We have a rescued off-the-track Thoroughbred who is the sweetest and slowest horse on the ranch! We have a giant Belgian horse that is the size of the police horse, but is sweet as she is huge! We have an older cattle horse that has PTSD, but he is the most bombproof horse we’ve ever met. We have a youngster who is just learning his job here and he is the flashiest mover!

Do you do trail rides?
No, public trail riding is not what we do here. We occasionally use trail riding for our riders who have progressed enough to control their own horse as a test to see how they are faring. There are lots of trail riding places in the Albuquerque area if that is what you’re looking for. Consider Cedar Crest Stables, Enchantment Equitreks, Running Horse Ranch, NM Horse Adventures.

Do you do birthday rides?
No. We do birthday lessons from time to time. Families may bring 2-3 kids to ride together, but it will be a lesson, not a pony ride.

Where are you located?
We are located in the south valley of Albuquerque, about a mile or two north of the Isleta Pueblo.

What if I want therapy?
If you are seeking mental health, you can go to eagala.org to find a professional who utilizes horses in their work.

What if I’m looking for hippotherapy?
Hippotherapy is the use of the horse’s movement to help in speech, occupational and physical therapy.  Check out www.americanhippotherapyassociation.org to find a therapist near you.