Ever Heard of Sally Swift?

EEA will be closed the weekend of May 5 and 6 due to Kendra and Carla riding Cinnabar and Henri in a Centered Riding clinic. This is a very exciting opportunity for all of us! Centered Riding is the basis of all of Kendra’s teachings. Sally Swift’s visualizations are simple, educational and super effective for riders of all abilities! 


New Mexico’s ONLY Centered Riding clinic in 2018! You’ve read Sally Swift’s books, now experience the exercises & mental imagery that has made this one of the best selling horse books of all time!

Lucile Bump is a Level IV Centered Riding Clinician who studied directly with Sally Swift. Lucy is even featured in Centered Riding 2! She has a super positive way of teaching, always enabling her students. 

This clinic will start, as all CR clinics do, with discussion, demonstration & unmounted practice. Auditors are welcome to join in, but riders get front row seats! We will work on exercises to find our centers, bring awareness to our breathing, use soft eyes & balance our building blocks. Come learn how this will help your riding no matter your choice of discipline (or lack thereof LOL!)