Clifford is the biggest and oldest lesson horse at EEA. He is a very well-trained draft/thoroughbred cross and stands 17.1 hands high. We had to make a mounting block big enough for him when he first arrived. He is a big boy! He also likes to move his feet, so that makes him a fun horse to ride!

Henri Standing Bear

Henri Standing Bear is the newest addition to the EEA herd. He is an experienced ranch horse with years of riding experience. We can put even the smallest of beginners on his back and he will take care of them! Henri came to us with some trauma in his background. Although we don’t know exactly what happened to him, you can see visible scars on his shoulder, chest and hind leg of his experience. This has left him with some slight issues to work through, but his quiet, calm attitude make for a fantastic riding partner! Henri has a beautiful slow western jog, that helps anyone with anxiety learn how to trot without fear. We recently discovered that Henri is actually a very good jumper. So we are now working on jumping and ground poles with him to help strengthen his back and hind end. Henri loves to go out on trail rides with his buddies! Nothing bothers him, so he’s great to take out with Pony or Acheron to provide the boys with more trail experience.

Pony Boy

Pony Boy is your typical pony, stubborn to the bone, but cute as heck!! All the kids love Pony because of his size! He came to us with very little training but he’s come along pretty quickly in his education. He’s learned about plastic bags and all the weird sounds that kids make, plus he’s figuring out how to live in a herd. Pony has a very bouncy trot and a great canter. He’s fun to learn how to post while trotting! He’s also a pretty good jumper! Pony is just learning about trail rides and all the scary things that live along the beautiful south valley ditches. He’s met cows, ducks, muskrats, 4 wheeler’s and bicycles! He likes to hang out with Henri and Henri is a good influence for Mr. Pony Boy!


This big boy was adopted during the COVID pandemic. Originally, he was just going to be Kendra’s personal riding horse, but as it turns out, he was not a riding horse. Scout hates to be ridden. Some horses tell you in their own way, that they do not like something. We listened to what Scout was telling us. So now he is the “My Little Pony” of the EEA herd because everyone loves him, wants to groom him and braid his hair!! 😊 Scout is named for the paint horse from The Lone Ranger series, Tonto’s horse’s name was Scout.  

Rest In Peace

Our horses are more than just animals to us; they’re cherished members of our family, ingrained in the very fabric of our lives and hearts. Acheron, Cinnabar, Misty, and Rocky, beloved souls who once graced our presence, have gracefully crossed the rainbow bridge, leaving behind a profound void in our herd and in our spirits. For those who had the privilege of knowing them, their absence reverberates deeply, etching holes in our hearts that only their memories can fill. To those unfamiliar, we invite you to discover the essence of their presence and the joy they brought to our lives.


Acheron was born here at EEA. His mom, Misty, was adopted along with Cinnabar from the NM Horse Rescue at Walkin n Circles Ranch. No one knew Misty was pregnant. But Acheron was born 3 months after Misty and Cin arrived here at EEA. He was born jet black with a white star on his face and black on black tiger stripes on his hind legs. We think his Dad was a mustang. We now know that Ash is genetically a Quarter Horse and Andalusian mix, which makes him an Azteca horse. Ash has been in training to be a therapeutic riding horse since day one of his life. He has been desensitized to everything possible. He has been started under saddle by a super patient horse trainer and is going to be an excellent riding horse soon! He has beautiful fluid movement and will be a pleasure to ride!


Cinnabar is an off the track Thoroughbred that we adopted from the NM Horse Rescue at Walkin n Circles Ranch in 2013. She thinks she’s a lap pony! Cinnabar is the sweetest horse you will ever meet. Everyone who meet her, falls in love with her. She is the tallest horse in the EEA herd, she is 16.3 hands high. She can be a bit stubborn to ride, but she does well with kids as long as she has supervision. She does very well in the round pen, once you establish that you are the leader, she will follow you anywhere! We also do lots of ground driving and free jumping with Cinnabar.


Misty was adopted in May of 2013 with Ms Cinnabar from the NM Horse Rescue at Walkin N Circles Ranch in Edgewood NM. She was the perfect body type for therapeutic horseback riding, she was stout and solid. We thought she was a draft horse cross, but she probably was just a big Quarter Horse. We thought she was just a big girl, but she ended up being pregnant. Acheron was born on July 31st of 2013. Momma Misty was a fantastic mother and Cinnabar loved her role of auntie! Misty turned out to not love her role of a riding horse, so she became our go to for ground work. She would work with clients in the round pen, teaching them to be a confident leader. She lived for a few more years after Acheron was born, but then the toll of a very difficult life caught up to her. She couldn’t walk across the paddock anymore without a huge amount of pain. We had to let her go, taking away her pain was the final gift we gave her. She is missed every day. 


Rocky left EEA in November of 2018 to run pain-free in the eternal grasslands. He was a register Pinto Horse and the senior member of our herd. Rockin n Rollin was his registered name, but we liked to call him Rockstar! Because that was exactly what he was! Unfortunately, he was kicked in the knee as a youngster and he’d been dealing with the arthritis of that injury for almost 15 years. We miss him daily! His ashes are to be spread throughout the paddock he called home for the last five years