Why horses you ask? What is the draw? Why do humans have a natural affinity for the horse?

Horses have long been a part of the lives of humans. We have worked side by side for centuries. As we move away from needing an equine partner for work (plowing, pulling logs, travel) and income (pulling carts and carriages), we have discovered that we need horses in our lives for other reasons. We need companions, we need recreation, we need love and understanding. Horses give us all these things, without the judgement and negativity that we receive every day in social media forums. Horses give us an opportunity to be outdoors, soak in all the vitamin D we are lacking and breathe fresh air as we are supposed to. Horses help us lower our blood pressure, our cortisol levels and find an inner peace we did not think possible. Horses provide mobility and independence for those whose ability to walk is a challenge. Horses help us learn new skills, improve core strength and develop compassion. 

From a welfare point of view, we as humans need to be the caretakers of our horses. They are not throw-away beings.  Wild and feral horses have been suffering in pens for years, awaiting adoption or a trailer bound for Mexico. We need to do better for them, for our own welfare as well.  

At Enchanted Equine Adventures, we believe that horses can be our eager companions and be natural horses at the same time. They can live as a herd or family group. They can eat small meals all day as they would in the wild. They can move around all day to keep their joints and digestive systems healthy. 

Happy horses make for better partners. Fighting their nature has only created more headaches and cost of us as their caretakers.  And it’s caused them illness, injury, heartache and chronic pain for years.

We will do better; we will educate ourselves about an equine’s needs and help improve this two-way relationship. We will teach the next generation about the joys of getting a 1,000-pound prey animal to follow you around and look to you as a leader. We will teach those excited to learn, how to ride these beautiful animals. So that our lives and theirs will be full and nourished.  

EEA is offering Equine Science classes this fall and winter.
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